Hello Everyone,
This is just in from our Executive Board meeting today: January 25, 2015
If you want to go to the Leadership Conference, please email Scarlett Middleton, Leadership Chairman.  Let her know where you live so she can  schedule you with or near your congressional area.  Below is the criterion approved by the executive board today. 
Motion was made with second to offer a $300 stipend for the upcoming Leadership Conference. The stipend will be for all members excluding those on the Executive Board who already receive the flat $1200 reimbursement. Requirements for the stipend are as follows: member must register for the Leadership Conference and attend the Legislative briefing by Bob Levi, the Florida Caucus, and make all visits to the Hill assigned by the Legislative Chair. Vote was unanimous.
Also, information about the state convention was discussed.  Plans are being finalized, but the convention is scheduled May 14th, 15th and 16th.  It will in Miramar Beach at the Seascape Golf, Tennis, and Beach Resort.  You can check out the place at www.seascape-resort.com.  Information on our room rates, registration, and agenda will be forthcoming in the Gator, on the www.napusfl.org website, and I will try to get a finalized info to you by way of email.
Also, you may have heard about the plans being considered for the consolidation of NAPUS and The League of Postmasters .  We will discuss this at the state convention.  You can find out more info, such as the proposed combined constitution and by-laws, on the www.NAPUS.org
Sandra Wells

NAPUS AND LEAGUE CONSOLIDATION PLANS: from Retiree National President Ann McDorman

     I have just been informed by President Tony Leonardi that the proposed Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws of a new organization (Postmasters and Managers of America, or PMA) which will result from a consolidation of NAPUS and the League will be posted on the NAPUS website tomorrow (Friday, 1/23/15) at noon. There will also be a proposed template for new State Chapters during the Transition Period.

    Please check the NAPUS website at www.napus.org to download and print these documents. They will be discussed in depth at the upcoming Leadership Conference. I sincerely hope you will attend.

     This is a lot to absorb, so please download and print the documents and realize this is the next step in keeping our organization alive and well. I'm sure you will have many questions. Please rest assured all your questions will be answered as soon as possible.

      We will be having teleconferences with the Executive Board, Area Reps, and Chapter Presidents in the next few weeks to make sure everyone understands these documents as much as possible prior to your district meetings and state conventions. I apologize for the short notice, but all of this was discussed in Executive Session of the National Executive Board. Feel free to refer other members to the NAPUS website at www.napus.org.

      My best to all of you. I look forward to leading our Postmasters Retired organization into this next phase. Please be an active part of it.

FLORIDA RETIREE STEAK-OUT: Linda Carter (copied from "NAPUS GOLD")

Some came on Tuesday. A dozen or so came on Friday. By mid-morning on Saturday, there were about 50; by noon more than 100 Retirees, Wanna-be's, and guest! They fellowshipped, reminisced, snapped pixs, enjoyed coffee and donuts, and ate fresh oranges pulled right off the tree! Then it was time to eat! With filet mignon cooked to order right off the grill, grilled chicken breast, and all the side fixin's you could eat, followed by real-homemade-from-scratch-southern-banana pudding - what a feast! The perfect weather, prayed for by many and provided by God, was warm, sunny, and begging for outdoor activity. And we did it! Below is a brief summary from host Barbara Whidden. (Pictures are displayed below)


WHAT AN EVENT! by Barbara Whidden

FLORIDA NAPUS Retirees sincerely thank all (110) who joined us Saturday for our annual reunion and steakout........Congratulations to Andy Davis, Postmaster-Anthony, on receiving a "Quilt of Valor" for his service to Afghanistan last year. It was sewn by our own FL Retiree Linda Columbe, Postmaster, Tavares. If you weren't able to make it, we look forward to seeing you with us next year.....Probably the Holiday weekend in January..."Aspiring retirees" are today's Postmasters who look forward to being a retiree one day, so you are always welcome. Also, some of our "winter cousins", Postmasters and retiree from other states that winter in Florida joined us from 11 states.....Lee Roy and I were truly blessed to host this gathering.......Special thanks to national president of NAPUS Retirees, Ann McDorman who joined us and NAPUS National President Tony Leonardi, who joined us and spent over an hour talking separately with the active Postmasters in attendance.......To those that couldn't make it, we missed you and marked your calendars now for 2016.

2015 Florida NAPUS Steakout and Postmaster Reunion (Photos from 2015)

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Florida Postmasters at the NAPUS National Convention in Bellevue, WA - 2013

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