2014 FL NAPUS Steakout and Postmaster Reunion

Florida Postmasters at the NAPUS National Convention in Bellevue, WA - 2013

NAPUS National Office Contact Information: 
The NAPUS website has been updated and the link to napusinfo@napus.org has been removed.  
Please use the personal emails below to contact. 

National Association of Postmasters of the United States
8 Herbert Street
Alexandria, VA  22305

Phone: 703-683-9027
Fax:  703-683-6820 

Dave Ravenelle
 - Postmaster Representation, Operational Issues: dravenelle@napus.org 
Gerri Swarm - General Information, National Convention, Leadership Conference: gswarm@napus.org 
Cora Martins - PAC, Postmaster Retired Issues: cmartins@napus.org 
Bob Levi - Legislative: blevi@napus.org
Nick Somers - Membership/Change of address: membership@napus.org

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