Our retiree sponsored steakout is always a time of renewing friendships, making new friends, good food, etc.  If you haven’t joined us in the past, make plans for January 17, 2015.

YOU ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND IF: you are an aspiring NAPUS retiree; a member of our NAPUS family who is wintering in FL or retired in Florida; a former NAPUS member who some how lost membership (we’ll be glad to give you an 1187R to rejoin), etc.etc.

SPECIAL GUESTS include NAPUS National President Tony Leonardi,  NAPUS Retiree National President Ann McDorman, and newly elected NAPUS Retiree National Secretary-Treasurer, our own Rodney Boland to name a few.

Eddie Williams, BC-BS Rep will join us again. 

LOCATION:  19633 D’ORR RD  ALTOONA FL  32702-9307

TIME/MENU:  lunch served  at noon, but coffee will be ready by 10:30 so come early to visit.  Meal will consist of filet mignon, scalloped potatoes, marinated veggies, cole slaw, AND banana pudding….We will offer chicken breast to those that prefer but please specify on your registration.  COST $20/PERSON…

BRING:  A light jacket as there might be a breeze off the lake. 

OVERNIGHT in the area? Please let me know so I can make arrangements for you.  There is a “primitive” campground on the lake and we can pick you up.  There are a number of nice campgrounds in the area.  Mt. Dora is about 15 miles away.

??????PLEASE CONTACT ME:  fishnkojak@aol.com or 352 669 5724

2015 Florida NAPUS Steakout and Postmaster Reunion (Photos from 2014)

Click to read excellent publication by Georgia Chapter of NAPUS

Florida Postmasters at the NAPUS National Convention in Bellevue, WA - 2013

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