Our retiree sponsored steakout is always a time of renewing friendships, making new friends, good food, etc.  If you haven’t joined us in the past, make plans for 2015.

YOUR ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND IF: you are an aspiring NAPUS retiree; a member of our NAPUS family who is wintering in FL or retired in Florida; a former NAPUS member who some how lost membership(we’ll be glad to give you an 1187R to resign), etc.etc.

TENTATIVE SPECIAL GUESTS AT THIS POINT include NAPUS National President Tony Leonardi,  NAPUS Retiree National President Ann McDorman, and newly elected NAPUS Retiree National Secretary-Treasurer, our own Rodney Boland to name a few.

Eddie Williams, BC-BS Rep will join us again. 

LOCATION:  19633 D’ORR RD  ALTOONA FL  32702-9307

TIME/MENU:  lunch served  at noon, but coffee will be ready by 10:30 so come early to visit.  Meal will consist of filet mignon, scalloped potatoes, marinated veggies, cole slaw, AND banana pudding….We will offer chicken breast to those that prefer but please specify on your registration.  COST $20/PERSON…

BRING:  A light jacket as there might be a breeze off the lake. 

OVERNIGHT in the area? Please let me know so I can make arrangements for you.  There is a “primitive” campground on the lake and we can pick you up.  There are a number of nice campgrounds in the area.  Mt. Dora is about 15 miles away.

??????PLEASE CONTACT ME:  fishnkojak@aol.com or 352 669 5724

Deadline: January 13, 2015

Deadline: January 13, 2015


*** The RIF deadline was extended until Jan. 10, 2015.  This will allow Postmasters more time to find positions or to retire after the holidays, and to leave with a sense of pride and resolve if they chose to retire. NAPUS secured another VER with a $10,000 incentive, and another Local Area Consideration Posting giving Postmasters another preferential bidding opportunity.

*** The Postal Service is revamping Postmaster training. It will include a classroom, face-to-face, off-site venue. A key element of bringing people together is networking and building relationships, which develops and motivates people. Problems are solved best when we can solve them collectively - not individually. No one has the answer to every problem.

*** New postal vehicles are on the way. We need different kinds of vehicles for different parts of the country. Our fleet is too old to be cost effective. New ones are coming soon.

*** Telecoms are out of control. They must cease immediately to no more than one hour per day. "I will cancel the telecom contracts if it does not cease." (This from PMG Donahoe)

*** The USPS has resolved to provide insurance when Postmasters use their personal vehicles. The Postal Service investigated providing a blanket policy, but that was hindered by the variations in state laws. Coverage will be through eBuy. You will provide what you pay for coverage for your vehicle verses what the additional cost would be to purchase coverage for using your personal vehicle for work. The difference will be paid through eBuy. That does not mandate that you must use your personal vehicle, but means when you do need to use it, you will have insurance coverage if something happens to it.

*** NAPUS and League will start serious conversations about merging into one Postmaster Organization.

2014 FL NAPUS Steakout and Postmaster Reunion

Florida Postmasters at the NAPUS National Convention in Bellevue, WA - 2013

NAPUS National Office Contact Information: 
The NAPUS website has been updated and the link to napusinfo@napus.org has been removed.  
Please use the personal emails below to contact. 

National Association of Postmasters of the United States
8 Herbert Street
Alexandria, VA  22305

Phone: 703-683-9027
Fax:  703-683-6820 

Dave Ravenelle
 - Postmaster Representation, Operational Issues: dravenelle@napus.org 
Gerri Swarm - General Information, National Convention, Leadership Conference: gswarm@napus.org 
Cora Martins - PAC, Postmaster Retired Issues: cmartins@napus.org 
Bob Levi - Legislative: blevi@napus.org
Nick Somers - Membership/Change of address: membership@napus.org

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